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A Letter to the Momentum Community during the Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 19, 2020 10:15:07 AM / by Jessica Mitsch

An update for our community


Dear Momentum Community,

This is a time of great uncertainty across the globe. Now more than ever, we are thankful for technology that enables us to continue to move forward in our work  while staying safe and respectful to the public health concerns of our community and beyond. 

To that end, due to growing concerns and guidance from public health authorities, we have officially implemented a remote working plan for our campus. Our current course and career services have been taken virtual with methods that keep us live and face-to-face.  

We are taking this situation day-by-day and will continue to update you as the situation unfolds. Our plan is to return to in-person operations as soon as it is safe for the health of our students, staff, and broader community. 

Our upcoming Demo Day, scheduled for Friday, April 10 will also be shifted to a virtual experience. We invite all of you to help us ensure the spirit of Demo Day — that of showcasing student work and creating meaningful interaction between students and employers in our community— will continue. In the coming days our team will inform you of our plans to move forward with a virtual event, which may include:  

  • Live streaming of our programming;
  • Scheduling virtual interviews and employer interactions; and 
  • Creating virtual opportunities with our students and hiring partners to share more about their final projects. 

We will continue to keep you updated on our plans as we closely follow guidance from local health authorities. We are encouraged by the support we’ve received so far, and are grateful for the flexibility and adaptability our students have shown in this unprecedented situation. 

Jessica Mitsch
Co-Founder & CEO

Jessica Mitsch

Written by Jessica Mitsch